MSP Procedure - Requesting/Accepting a Substitute or a Trade For a Scheduled Service

If you are unable to serve on a scheduled date, please login to the Ministry Schedule Web Terminal to:
  • Click the "My Schedule" tab to view the list of services you are scheduled to serve.
  • Click the "(request sub)" link next to the date of service for which you are unable to serve.
(click on the image to enlarge).
If you have installed MSP app on your phone, you can select "My Schedule" from the bottom list and then click the "Request Sub" tab.
                                                         (click on the image to enlarge)

The system will then send an email (see a sample below) to all the volunteers who are qualified to fill this position.   If you prefer someone to trade with you, you would want to indicate that in the Comments area.                                

When a volunteer clicks on the link to "(volunteer now)" for a swap requested position, they will be given two choices: Fill in the position without a trade, or, trade for one of their scheduled positions. If they choose to propose a trade, they will be shown a list of their scheduled positions in which the volunteer requesting the sub is qualified to serve. They can select multiple dates and then click the "Propose Trade" button.  The volunteer originally requesting the sub has a choice of accepting the trade by clicking on the accept trade link next to the proposed trade times or not accepting the trade by simply not clicking the accept trade link in the email, and no further action is necessary.

If you have found a substitute without going through the system, please email and we will update the schedule for you.