The Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) Project

September 15, 2016

From Canon Precentor Stephan Casurella

At Christ Church Cathedral we are blessed with more than 100 volunteers who serve in various liturgical ministries! As you can imagine, scheduling that many people is a daunting task that takes—and this is no exaggeration—dozens of hours each quarter. Even with the best efforts of ministry leaders, the results are not always ideal (e.g. “double-booking” participants in ministry areas that cannot be performed concurrently). In order to develop a centralized and efficient system for volunteer scheduling, the cathedral is implementing Ministry Scheduler Pro, a powerful program that will eliminate the frustrations of decentralized manual scheduling and, once all the parameters are set, make scheduling a minimal time investment. By spending a few minutes each quarter logging in to Ministry Scheduler Pro to indicate your availability and see when you are scheduled to serve, you will be saving someone else many hours. If you would like a quick tutorial to make this as easy as possible, let us know by emailing

Grateful for your ministries,

Stephan Casurella

Canon Precentor